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    Re: The official CSP_season bug thread

    Ok idk if its wrong to post a youtube link but here ya go
    well.. it happens when you randomly press crouch and duck in that spot.. then you can see up there and also get stuck (you see glimpses of the upper level)
    The fps of youtube isnt enough to see the peeks.. try it for your self.. It might be that you get stuck when you are ducked in the air, near the roof, and then you release duck, pushing the player into the floor/ceiling

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    Re: The official CSP_season bug thread

    there is a rail under the walkway at bombside B! but why plz remove it - it looks silly just like someone forgot it there while editing
    also at the same place is a pipe from the drainage... - but there'S no drainege XDXDXD so it ends in open air

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    Just played a season game and discovered this piece of art.

    If this has been mentioned before I apologize. I haven't played CSP since the CSS Update/CSP hotfix and I think it wasn't this way before.
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    It seems to be the good old "new CSS" issue...
    1.09 will be released before/around CS:GO's release date as there isn't all too much to finish off (contrary to Yuri's opinion) - Saul 6/7/2012

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    it's really annoying the vent in season

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