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    SteamID Ticket problem.

    Hi there. I've been playing beta 1.08 without any problem. However, my friend can't join internet games since there's a problem like i said on topic title : He connects and gets disconnected from EVERY server after this message : steam id ticket blablabla. We checked steam support and done everything. Deleted clientregistry.blob etc, restarted router. Nothing. Also, when I'm in a server, I see 3-4 people getting this error and disconnecting all the time.So maybe it's a problem with CSP. Can somebody help?

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    why is this happening to me QQ T.T

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    Log out steam
    Log in steam

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    yea tried all that stuff. its fixed now had to uninstall steam and reinstall. rather troublesome.

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    well ofc my friend tried that. i mean logged out and in. nothing worked tho.i'll tell him to install steam again it seems lol

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    You don't need to uninstall Steam completely:

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