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    Quote Originally Posted by n69ky View Post
    ever heard of "mouse+Keyboard" for consoles? no?
    Then they can buy/play a game on a computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by n69ky View Post
    im sure theres an option to choose "play only with console players" :E
    I'd love to have such an option on PC's (to play only with console players xD).
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    Usually there are no dedicated servers for console versions - eg. CoD. Consoles get p2p only. Also every sane FPS developer don't let play PC vs consoles.

    So nay for PC vs consoles on CS:GO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n69ky View Post
    ever heard of "mouse+Keyboard" for consoles? no?
    really? My friends are cod and bf freaks of ps3 and they don't even think about buying keyboard+mouse, they really think controller is better....

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    men1kmati: 'when the fuck is this shit coming out...'
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