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    Problems after installing the Hotfix for 1.04

    When you install the hotfix ontop of a current 1.04 installation, remember that you have to make new shortcuts if you prefer using those, or just start the game from your game Library. In order to start the game you have to install the Source Base SDK (you get promted with this when you try to run csp for the first time), make sure your CSS installation is up to date and restart your Steam client.

    Game crashed while starting up.
    Message: The instruction at "0x12ccf6d" referenced memory at "0x11bdf2b0" memory could not be "read".
    This bug appears when you have installed the hotfix and not done the rest of the necessary steps. After the hotfix is applied make sure you have your CSS and Source Base SDK content up to date. Start CSS and close it once to make sure it works and then restart steam, this is the crucial step many have forgotten to do. Now you can launch your CSPromod BETA 1.04 with the hotfix accurately applied.

    Not able to host listen servers with network cards that by-pass the windows network stack and uses their own.
    (So far Killer NIC M1, Killer NIC K1 and Killer NIC Xeno pro are tested with the same result.)
    All other OB games works to host listenservers with. Will continue searching for a solution.

    Game crashed after beeing minimized and brought back up.
    DispInfo_LoadDisplacements: dispcounts (0 and 148 ) don't match.
    (Have not been able to replicate the problem yet. More info soon.)

    4: HUD not drawing correctly (missalignment). See picture in 2nd post. (Tweker)

    5: Extremely minor bug. Console complains that the autoexec.cfg-file is over 20 mb when in fact it is empty. (Not causing any harm, just saying.)
    Check is probably beeing done to see if filesize > 0 & < 20, not including the chanse of empty file. Could be the same for other file checks.
    Adding // in the empty file stops console from prompting.

    Will look for more bugs and update the post.
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    HUD doesn't seem to be placed right

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    Tweker please provide more information about your bug. Is it like that when you boot up? What resolution are you using? Same for more resolutions? Did you minimize the game or change graphic options when it happened? The more info the better for the devs so they can replicate the bug in question.

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    Not much information really, just figured it were constant, but I can't seem to recreate it

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    Well I had problems with the hud.. I just reinstalled the whole thing and the patch and now its running smooth. csp

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    Exclamation Listen Server

    After i patch with the hot fix my CSP i started playing at my listen server, but repently 2 people came and ht the server and start playing with me. 1 was european and the other american.

    I dont know if this is a bug but to play some people you have to open a server, but i didnt. I was only shooting at my listen server and the people start to get in. Somebody knows what this is all about??

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    That's because listen servers settings come with sv_lan defaulted to 0, so any server created is available for anyone else to connect.

    If you want a private listen server you gotta put "sv_lan 1" on console.

    I think it should be defaulted to 1 though...

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    Or open your SteamApps/SourceMods/cspromod/cfg/listenserver.cfg and change sv_lan 0 to sv_lan 1 in there.
    Or add a server password.

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