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    That too.


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    SMOKES ARE SO IMPORTANT! they are integral in most if not all strategies. having bugged smokes like this is really disappointing and i personally expect much better from such a professional development crew like DA PROMODE TEAMz!

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    The Ambient Occlusion bug also works in Call of Duty 4. Nvidia should fix that seriously! :/

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    nV is pushing AO thru their drivers because of they have to compete with ATi.
    ATi has worse drivers for many years, but better HW in general /with exception on HD2xxx-HD3xxx period xD/ since X1800 series.

    So nV has to push in their drivers : AO, SLi meter, etc. - and proprietary feature set : PhysX/APEX, 3dVision, CUDA, etc.
    1.09 will be released before/around CS:GO's release date as there isn't all too much to finish off (contrary to Yuri's opinion) - Saul 6/7/2012

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    I'm just curious.

    Has anyone tried to turn "$additive" to "1" in the particle_smokegrenade.vmt? Does this cover the ambient occlusion bug?
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