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Thread: Blood splatter

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    Blood splatter

    When you hs someone in csp it doesnt make a dinking sound, or a gooshing sound, you should incorporate these. However, this is not what i wanted to talk about, the part i want to bring up is blood splatter. When you HS someone in CSP the blood splatter effect doesnt look that great and i was wondering if you could incorporate the blood splatter effect that is in L4D when you HS someone.

    im NOT saying make the head explode, all im saying is that same effect of blood that comes out like that you should incorporate into csp.

    Something like this:

    also when you shoot someone that doesnt have armor i dont see any blood come out of them while in 1.6 you can.

    please fix these things up to give a better feel and visual effect to the game

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    Re: Blood splatter

    I agree. The blood in CSPromod looks cheap.
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    Re: Blood splatter

    yes, sometimes i cant see if i hit.. love blood!

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    Re: Blood splatter


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    Re: Blood splatter

    i find most of the time there is no blood spatter at all might be a bug, a lot of other people on various server i played on also noticed this.
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