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Hello Everyone,

CSPromod BETA 1.10 is now officially available for download!

This new version features our highly anticipated new player models and animations, as well as some important bug fixes and tweaks (check out the official changelog for more information).

We're also very excited to announce that our next patch - CSPromod BETA 1.11 - will include an auto-updater, which will make the updating process much simpler :).

As usual, visit the forums to report any bugs you find, and/or to give us your feedback on the new models, so we can keep improving your gameplay experience!

Download and play CSPromod BETA 1.10 now!

We <3 CS

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Current Changelog

BETA 1.10(December 16th, 2012)

  • Features
  • New Player Models
  • Added new SAS player model
  • Added new Phoenix player model (replaces the old leet)
  • New Player Animations
  • Replaced all player animations
  • Added AK/Galil hipfire pose for the Terrorist model
  • New Additional Models
  • Added new defuse kit model
  • Added new C4 bag model
  • Added custom shell models
  • Mapping
  • csp_aim_pistol
  • Fixed not being able to pick up usps and glocks
  • csp_dust2
  • Reduced fog density
  • Tweaked environment lighting
  • Increased cubemaps rendering resolution
  • Bug Fixes
  • Pushed a tentative fix for the respawn bug
  • Pushed a tentative fix for the unconnected scoreboard bug
  • Fixed insane difficulty level bots not attacking other players
  • Fixed TDM spawns being team based instead of random
  • Tweaks
  • Revamped net_graph iconography and added new cvar (net_graph 5/6)
  • Revamped status icons (buyzone, bomb, defusekit) iconography
  • Lowered weapons volume
  • Tweaked main menu background
  • Tweaked scoreboard colors
  • Tweaked smoke grenade particle transparency
  • Tweaked blood sparks to be visible with and without kevlar
  • Tweaked deathcam transition speed
  • Added r_postprocessing to the CSP tab
  • Added and updated gamemodes related config files